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ECNL vs US Youth Soccer

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ECNL vs US Youth Soccer Empty ECNL vs US Youth Soccer

Post by soccerdadx2 on Wed Jun 11, 2014 11:40 pm

What is best ECNL or our current Us Youth Soccer system? Would like to hear other opinions, informed or uninformed opinions welcome. Coaches or parents perspectives. All Parents need the information so we can make future decisions.

Will ECNL be expanding at all in Oklahoma? Will it be the best avenue to get your daughter seen by major colleges? Any information that can be provided will be welcome!


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ECNL vs US Youth Soccer Empty Re: ECNL vs US Youth Soccer

Post by t-town05 on Thu Jun 12, 2014 6:23 pm

I am not sure if I am still sold on ECNL.  
Do the cost out way the benefits?  
If you are playing for big 6A school and playing on Club team, wont college coaches find you if you have talent?  
Anyone know the cost of playing ECNL vs playing on top non ECNL club team?

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ECNL vs US Youth Soccer Empty Re: ECNL vs US Youth Soccer

Post by Gunners006 on Fri Jun 13, 2014 10:54 pm

I always say if you can really play, coaches will find you. You can go summer camps and get discovered, it is how you can help your daughter or son!! Look at Liverpool Rase, their players are going to top programs and they are not ENCL!!


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ECNL vs US Youth Soccer Empty Re: ECNL vs US Youth Soccer

Post by TSCSOCCERDAD on Tue Jun 17, 2014 6:34 pm

My DD played for best team in OK and Region 3 for that matter. Played PLW and won every tournament around. I never saw a college coach recruiting our sideline. Move over to ECNL and immediately 10 of the teams players are going D1. They have OU,OSU,TU,SMU,TCU,ARK, HOUSTON, AND TX A&M at their practices, Just Practic!!! I never saw a college coach at blitz unless you count Shawn Slater but who really does. Both of Blitz all time best teams, multiple state cup winners, regional finalist and semifinalist went to play ECNL (forget which club it is because it's irrelevant). Why do you think that is? College coaches don't, I repeat DON'T recruit high school games!

- Your DD will get 10 times the college exposure that you get non-ECNL. At the showcases, every major college soccer program is represented. Stanford, Notre Dame, North Carolina. When is the last time you saw Stanford just chilln on Blitz vs NEOFC sideline.
I personally spoke to a college coach and he said he set his recruiting schedule by the ECNL schedule
- Your DD will play the very top competition. Are there good teams nonECNL? Yes. Are you going to play the best north Texas and Southern California have to offer outside ECNL? no. Competition makes you better. Beating up Norman Fury and South lakes Cosmos doesn't make you better.
- Having a schedule a year in advance is really nice. The ECNL schedule is a year long.

-It is more expensive. However, if you play PLW and do 3 out of state tournaments it's not going to be that much more expensive.
- The sub rule. Unless your daughter is a bonafide star. She may be sharing time. However, competing for a spot is a good thing.

Do your daughter a favor and move her to ECNL. Our team was all wishy-washy at first, but everyone agrees now that it was a great move. Lastly, take off your rose colored glasses and ask yourself if DD is good enough. If not just stay put.


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ECNL vs US Youth Soccer Empty Re: ECNL vs US Youth Soccer

Post by bulldawgs on Tue Jun 17, 2014 8:23 pm

Depends on the colleges you are hoping to attract. I know of several girls playing high school soccer at “big” schools who have full and partial rides who do not play for ECNL teams. However, if you think your DD is Stanford or Notre Dame good, then ECNL is likely your best bet to get her seen. If you think your DD is a college talent, but she is more interested in staying local, camps and HS soccer may workout for you. I see lots of pub showing the percentages of ECNL players getting scholarships (impressive percentages), but where are most of these girls going to play? If it is a partial ride to a local university, you might come out money behind with ECNL. Of course it could be a full ride to North Carolina in which case you might look pretty smart.


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ECNL vs US Youth Soccer Empty Re: ECNL vs US Youth Soccer

Post by Soapboxmom on Mon Jul 13, 2015 12:55 am

What about US Club?  They swept through South Texas and took over much of the select and premier play there.  They have their foot in the door in North Texas recreational and may well sweep up both rec and select there as well.

I have had such a horrible experience with North Texas and US Youth Soccer. They do not follow their own by-laws.

Here is my interview with CW33:

Following is an e-mail exchange with US Youth:


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ECNL vs US Youth Soccer Empty Re: ECNL vs US Youth Soccer

Post by Sponsored content

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