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OPL 2004 Weekend #3

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OPL 2004 Weekend #3 - Page 2 Empty Re: OPL 2004 Weekend #3

Post by Rico S on Wed Sep 21, 2016 3:23 pm

918soccer wrote:
Regarding the "win at all cost" discussion, my daughters have played for many different coaches and all of them have been extremely competitive and wanted to win. From my perspective, this has taught my daughters to be more competitive and thrive in competitive environments, from spelling bees to swim races. I don't see a problem with that, especially when a coach balances their lessons with teamwork and sportsmanship. The driving force behind many of the best athletes in the world is their desire to win and not lose. What's wrong with that? What's wrong with a coach instilling a sense of competitiveness to get their players to really get into what they are doing and to work harder? I say nothing. I'm not saying competitive sports are right for everyone, I'm just saying there is nothing wrong with a coach teaching competitiveness in competitive sports.

Nothing wrong with instilling competitveness and for kids to have a strong desire to win--its fundamental to the club soccer experience.   But the point being made is that coaching to win and coaching to develop are often at odds with each other--especially at the younger ages.  Wins will eventually come as a result of development, but wins aren't necessarily an indicator of strong development.  When winning games becomes too important, development suffers.  I would argue this is the norm in youth soccer.

It's easy to put too much emphasis on coaching and minimize other variables that contribute to development, including those controlled by parents.

I will agree that parents have a tremendous impact on development.  And really, this doesn't bode well for the kids b/c I frankly believe that the parents value winning as much or more that the WAAC coaches.  If the kid's team is winning, no matter what is going on in practice or what they are learning in games, parents are happy.  If your kids team is losing, parents are unhappy.  This is a big factor in why coaches coach the way they do.

Rico S

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OPL 2004 Weekend #3 - Page 2 Empty Re: OPL 2004 Weekend #3

Post by oksoccernut on Wed Sep 21, 2016 3:52 pm

T-Town - I actually only posted the 0-1 Blitz/Parker comments to get a rise out of people and to actually prove a point. People on here take it all WAY to serious. I don't really know Moritz but all I've heard is good things about the guy. Every club in this town, state, region....they ALL have good coaches and BAD coaches, good leaders and not so good leaders, good parents and CRAZY parents. I honestly think the majority of parents choose a program where they think their child will benefit the most. Whether that's at MTSC, Blitz or Glenpool Rec program. The true fact here is out of the entire '04-'05 pool, only a small percentage of girls will continue on playing soccer in college etc. But, in the meantime they're playing an incredible game, staying healthy and fit and building friendships and memories to last a lifetime. To me, that's the true "win" here. Sooooo.....I think it's much better to be singing the "Don't worry - Be Happy" lyrics than spending so much time and energy debating who teaches the best step over.


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